Men EDC Vintage Leather Bag Self-Defense Coin Purse Coin Wallet


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  • Color:
    Yellow, Black, Coffee
  • Material:
    Cow Leather
  • Style:
  • Hardness:

This is a coin purse made from thick leather that can hold coins to prevent the loss, suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The flap of the “Coin Purse” folds over to protect the zippered opening and doubles as the belt loop to be worn on a person belt for effortless extraction.
This flap is also secured by a Directional Security Snap which prevents accidental release if snagged upon to prevent loss. Handmade construction with High-Quality Leathers, Zipper and Security Snap is made of brass. The coin pocket also can be used as a self-defense tool, simple and practical design, easy to operate, easy to carry, is a very good EDC tool.

Package included:
1 * Bag


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